Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!

I know I'm behind on other events--and plan on posting more pictures soon to catch up, but I wanted this post to be on the correct date!! Happy Anniversary Jon! 8 years today!! It seems like just yesterday, yet it seems like forever!! ;) Thank you for all you do for me and for our family---you're such a great dad, husband, and best friend! I love you so much....and look forward to the many more years to come!!


Monday, June 15, 2009


Here's some pictures from Lagoon---finally!! Our Clogging National Competition was at Lagoon in May--I took the 3 teams that went to competition in Pocatello. We had a blast--the weather was perfect, the kids had a ball on the rides all day, and my teams did awesome! We came home exhausted--with trophies, medallions, and happy memories. Can't wait for next year!! :)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Clogging Recital

Here's a look at some pics from our end-of-the-year recital. Enjoy!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

Here's a look at our Easter--including the Easter egg hunt at Grandma Cheney's and flying our easter kites at home...

Funny story

Okay--here's one of "those" moments that you hope you don't forget....I had just taken Ethan out of the bath and put him in his pajama's....Kyson was still in the tub--wanting to play for a few more minutes before getting washed up. Some neighbors came to the door--so me and Jon were at the door talking to them. I hear Kyson yelling for me--and I'm thinking--just a minute and then I'll come wash you up...Then he starts crying...okay--that's not usual--if he's alone in the tub...I walk down the hall to find this:
Ethan had decided he wasn't done taking a bath yet--so he climbed back in--pajamas, diaper, and all!! I asked him what he was doing--he said--"bath" like duh, mom what's it look like I'm doing?! Here's our little monkey taking a bath in his "Ho-Ho-Ho" pajamas!!

Random Pics

Okay--so I haven't done well lately on adding things to the blog--no big surprise there to anyone! Here are some random pics from lately that I thought were fun.
First of all--we took down the crib--he's a BIG BOY now!! Ethan is officially in his toddler bed (although as you can see--not all the times is he IN it!!) He's now in the boys' room next to their bunk bed.
Here's the first night in the toddler bed--as you can see--he has a hard time laying straight and staying in the bed!
This one's even better--in between his bed and the bunk bed. One day, I had put him down for a nap-and about 15 minutes later he was calling out MOM!! I went in there and he was stuck--in between the beds--his bum down and his head and legs up!! "stuck" he kept saying!! I unfortunately didn't think to get a picture of that one before I helped him out!

Here's Ethan eating spaghetti. He is one of my best eaters of the 3 boys--but he won't allow help anymore--so he sure is messy!!

Don't you just love that face?!

Here's Ethan again--in one of Kyson's silly hats!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Clogging Competition

Here's a look at our competition in Pocatello on March 13-14, 2009. We took 3 teams down--the 3 girls, the beginning adult team, and our more advanced adult team. Each team competed 2 dances each--and each got firsts!! We also got a grand champion for one of the beginning adult dances- and one for our advanced adult dances. Grand champion means we scored one of the highest scores for that level. Also, Steph and I competed a duet-and placed first! So, we are now all qualified for Nationals in May at Lagoon--we're very excited!